01. Your continued lateness for class [indicates] to me that you are not really a very serious student.
02. The low number of people attending the lecture is a clear [indication] of lack of interest in the topic.
03. Harrison [indicated] to me that he would be interested in working with us on the project if we need any help.
04. The most recent survey [indicates] a high level of dissatisfaction with the current government.
05. A sudden withdrawal from social situations can be an [indication] of depression.
06. Physical health is sometimes [indicative] of one's mental state.
07. He [indicated] the map on the wall and asked the students to show him where they were from.
08. One important [indicator] of quality of life is the proportion of income one has to spend in order to buy food.
09. Actress Lauren Bacall once observed that wrinkles should only [indicate] where smiles have been.
10. Estimates [indicate] that a 15-year-old tuna has travelled one million miles in its lifetime.
11. Evidence [indicates] that cucumbers have been cultivated in western Asia for about 3,000 years.
12. Some astronomers believe Pluto's strange orbit [indicates] that it wasn't one of the original planets at all, but rather a moon of Neptune that somehow broke loose.
13. Whenever there's a possibility that a bone may be broken, x-rays are [indicated].
14. A smile in Indonesian culture does not always [indicate] happiness.
15. Thurgood Marshall once suggested that jurors who are opposed to capital punishment are more likely to believe that a defendant's failure to testify is [indicative] of his guilt.
16. Both weddings and funerals are important [indicators] of status in Hong Kong.
17. In 1996, data sent back by the Galileo space probe [indicated] that there may be water on one of Jupiter's moons.
18. The size of your computer screen [indicates] the diagonal distance from one corner to another.
19. Interest in the planet Mars has greatly increased since [indications] of water raised the possibility that life in some form may have evolved there.
20. Research into nearly every culture in the world seems to [indicate] that men are more likely than women to pursue short-term sexual strategies.
21. Prices of locally-produced goods are a good [indicator] of the health of the region's economy.
22. The idiot turned left without putting on his [indicator].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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